Photo courtesy of PowerDrive 

Photo courtesy of PowerDrive

PowerDrive recently upgraded its line of PowerDrive power inverters, including the addition of a new pure sine wave inverter.

The entire PowerDrive power inverter line now features upgraded charging ports that include a standard USB 2.4 AMP port as well as a USB-C 3.0 AMP (15W PD) port. Several models are Bluetooth enabled to pair with the PowerDrive app, allowing users to customize settings and check the inverter for battery voltage, output power, product temperature and more. The app also allows the user to power the inverter on and off remotely.

The new 1000-Watt Pure Sine Wave inverter provides continuous power for sensitive electronics, such as tablets, LED TV’s and laptops. The new inverter produces a consistent wave, while providing the equivalent power to that located in your home.

Two other inverter products unique to PowerDrive are the cup holder inverter and power strip inverter, which both provide 175 watts and plug directly into a 12-volt port with multiple outlets and ports to charge both AC and DC electronics and appliances.