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Utah Wants Drivers Entering State to Complete COVID-19 Info Form

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Propane Autogas and Permitting Needs

Reputable infrastructure suppliers provide knowledge and experience necessary to provide a safe...

When switching to propane autogas, local propane providers and infrastructure suppliers help determine the best refueling setup for a fleet. But, prior to any infrastructure installation, fleet customers will need to navigate the permitting process for their jurisdiction.

How to Use Telematics to Maximize Your Truck Lifecycle Management

How to Use Telematics to Maximize Your Truck Lifecycle Management

Telematics has transformed fleet management from an art to a science. With the near-real-time data provided by solutions, such as AT&T Fleet Management, fleet managers now have tools to accurately manage the lifecycles of their trucks.


COVID-19 Triggers Economic Storm for Trucking

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected trucking and the economy in unprecedented ways.

The looming business and economic impact on the trucking industry from COVID-19 pandemic is “kind of like there’s a big hurricane coming in, and it’s one of the nastier storms in history. But so far you’re just seeing some waves on the shore.”

Got Questions

Got Questions? Top ELD Questions Answered

Scott Sutarik is the VP of Commercial Vehicle Solutions at Geotab Inc. He has...

VP, Commercial Vehicle Solutions

Scott Sutarik from Geotab

VP, Commercial Vehicle Solutions