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How to Spec and Protect Truck Electronics

Electronics maintenance will become a priority for fleets as systems become both more common and...

Electronics are not noted for being robust systems. They are susceptible to failure due to environmental conditions such as dust or moisture, extremely hot and cold temperatures, mud, grime and grit, anti-icing chemicals – all the things a truck deals during a routine day’s work.


Peterbilt Touts Electric Truck Progress at CES

According to Peterbilt, the Model 520EV has a range of about 100 miles and a four-hour charge...

Peterbilt is formally teaming up with Dana on electric powertrain development for its Model 220EV. The announcement was made at CES, the annual electronics show in Las Vegas, where Peterbilt also brought reporters up to speed on its electric-truck development progress overall.


Severe Skilled Technician Shortage Triggering Higher Shop Labor Rates

Employees with advanced technical skills have become highly sought after as more experienced...

The vehicle maintenance and repair industries are experiencing a skilled labor shortage as technicians in the Baby Boomer demographic retire in greater numbers than those replacing them. The skilled labor shortage requires shops to pay more for skilled technicians, which translates into higher shop labor rates.


Forecasting Tire Price Trends in 2020

Possible tariffs on tires and commodities that are found in tires could have greater influence...

Most of the subject matter experts that we spoke to expect an increase in tire prices, although predicting future tire costs is difficult due to variables that influence tire pricing.


Which Lift Best Suits Your Needs?

The Skylift platform lift from Stertil-Koni can be configured to lift an entire tractor trailer...

Heavy-duty vehicle lifts come in a variety of designs; some may be more suitable than others to your operation. Here's a brief description of several lift types, just to get you thinking.

Got Questions

Got Questions? Sleeper Cab Power Experts

Steve Carlson is the Xantrex OEM and fleet manager. Steve has over 20 years of...

Xantrex OEM and Fleet Manager

Steve Carlson from Xantrex

Xantrex OEM and Fleet Manager


Choose the Right Lift for your Fleet

Inground hydraulic piston lift require breaking the concrete floor to install the hydraulics and...

Vehicle lifts come in a dizzying variety of configurations, usually targeted to certain intended applications. Deciding what you want to do with a lift is the first step in choosing the right machine for your shop.


Shop Lifts can Increase Productivity, Employee Satisfaction

Lifts get your maintenance problems off the ground and up into the air where technicians can see...

Ask technicians whether they prefer working in a puddle under a truck on a creeper or out in broad daylight under a truck hoisted 70 inches in the air. Using vehicle lifts in the shop can increase productivity, but lifts can also be a great way to boost employee morale and retention.