How 30 trucking operations are leading the way in sustainability.

Meet HDT's 2021 Top Green Fleets

Read how 30 trucking operations in the U.S. are leading the way in sustainability.

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Mounting electric drive motors on or close to the drive axle frees up frame space for batteries...

Will Electric Trucks Need New Suspensions?

Electric trucks will redefine how we move freight, but will the addition of a few tons of batteries demand a redesign of the vehicle itself? Find out.

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The largest single line-item cost continued to be driver wages, representing 34% of operating...

ATRI: Lower 2020 Cost Per Mile Reflects Less Spend on Fuel, Driver Benefits

The average cost per mile for motor carriers fell in 2020, as reductions in fuel and driver benefits costs offset rising costs in nearly every other area.

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New mid-size EV offers electrification option for Merchants’ last mile & delivery clients across...

Merchants Fleet Reserves 5,400 BrightDrop EV410s

The EV410, a mid-size electric light commercial vehicle designed for the delivery of goods and services, has a GVWR of fewer than 10,000 lbs. and estimated range of up to 250 miles.

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Niklas Andersson, left, head of DFDS Logistics Division, takes delivery of the company’s first...

Global News Roundup: Volvo Gets Record Electric-Truck Order

ICYMI: A roundup of global trucking industry news from Volvo, DFDS, Mercedes, Traton, WeRide, Hyzon and Tevva.

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