Advancements in the internal combustion engine. NYC sanitation fleet may not meet electrification deadline.


Suyog Deshpande from Samsara believes that four key fleet postions will drive change toward...

Electric Fleet Vehicles Hit the Real Street of Hurdles and Results

The annual Fleet Forward Conference offered a firsthand look at the first phases of fleet electrification and the unpredictable changes ahead.

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The Tesla battery-elecric Semi in a press image provided by the company in 2021.

Tesla Semi Completes 500-Mile Loaded Drive

Just days before the first Tesla Semi battery-electric Class 8 truck is scheduled to be delivered to PepsiCo, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on Twitter that the company had just completed a 500-mile drive with a fully loaded Tesla Semi.

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DSNY sanitation commissioner Jessica Tisch is not confident that the entire department's fleet...

NYC Sanitation Fleet May Not Meet Electrification Deadline

The electric rear loader trucks in the New York City Sanitation Department's fleet don't have the range necessary to complete the needed work in a single charge, the sanitation commissioner said.

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If hydrogen is the fuel of the future, for some, the future is already here.

Is Hydrogen Really Trucking’s Fuel of the Future?

Demand projections for hydrogen are exploding in some parts of the globe. Why is North America behind the curve?

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A new generation of internal combustion engine technology, such as Hyliion’s natural...

Don't Count Out the Internal Combustion Truck Engine

New developments for the tried-and-true internal combustion engine are coming to cut the industry’s carbon footprint.

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Fleets with high idle times could save up to 70% of their idling fuel costs by implementing...

8 Tips for Work Truck Idle Reduction

Eight tips are shared to help mitigate idling and reduce fuel spend in modern work truck fleets.

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