Fast-charging a battery-electric truck with the new Detroit eFill charger. Daimler Trucks North...

Electric Truck Ecosystem: What it Takes to Run BEVs

Flipping the switch to battery-electric trucks at any fleet must start with a comprehensive and well-thought-out plan.

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Ken Marko, PepsiCo’s fleet sustainability manager, said the company has upped earlier...

The Realities of Electric Trucks

Truck makers and electric fleet pioneers laid out real-world lessons learned as electric trucks begin to move out of infancy and into wide-scale operations at TMC.

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The Nikola Tre battery-electric tractor is based on the Iveco S-WAY cabover truck platform with...

Iveco, Nikola Launch JV Plant for Electric Trucks in Germany

Iveco and Nikola have inaugurated a joint-venture manufacturing facility for electric heavy-duty trucks in Ulm, Germany

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Eaton received an U.S. Department of Engery grant to develop “highly efficient hydrogen fuel...

Eaton to Develop Heavy-Duty Truck Fuel Cell Technology

Eaton’s Vehicle Group has partnered with Ballard Fuel Cell Systems and the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory to develop heavy-duty truck fuel cell technology.

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Paul Sniegocki, executive vice president and chief technology officer of Clarience Technologies,...

Truck-Lite Parent Firm Details Lighting-Based Efficiency Solutions for Electric Trucks

Clarience Technologies has introduced A2Z for e-Mobility, a company-wide initiative to develop more energy-efficient lighting solutions to extend the range of electric vehicles by reducing battery amp draw.

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Left to right: Fleetmaster Express COO Travis Smith, CEO Carl Bumgarner, VP of Operations Kevin...

Fleetmaster Express Plans Electric Fleet Transition

Fleetmaster Express has ordered 10 Volvo VNR Electric Class 8 trucks as part of the Virginia-based company’s plan to transition from a diesel fleet to an electric one.

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A pilot program uses BYD electric trucks to complete first- and last-mile deliveries to and from...

Embark, HP Combine Electric Drayage with Driverless Operations

Pilot program uses BYD electric trucks to complete first- and last-mile deliveries to and from Embark transfer points in the Los Angeles area.

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