Eliminating some portion of the traditional axle housing could open opportunities for new...

Dumping the Driveshaft on Electric Vehicles

Drive axles for battery-electric vehicles will feature integrated motors. This eliminates the drivetrain, creates room for batteries, and puts the axle maker in charge of powering the vehicle.

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Joel Morrow says adjusting his wheel bearings to a slight preload condition helped him improve...

Can Wheel Bearing Adjustment Affect Fuel Economy?

We have seen some compelling but anecdotal evidence suggesting that wheel-end tightness can affect fuel economy — sometimes significantly.

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A Volvo Group subsidiary has invested in an American company that is developing and...

Volvo Group Invests in Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging

Volvo Group Venture Capital, a subsidiary of Volvo Group, has announced an investment in Momentum Dynamics, a compay that is developing high power wireless charging technology for electric vehicles.

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FCA's CEO has reported a delay in emissions certification for the company's 2019 Ram 3500 pickup.

Emissions Certification of Pickups Delayed During Federal Shutdown

Detroit automakers say they have seen delays with federal emissions testing of new pickup trucks from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency due to the federal shutdown.

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The American Transportation Research Institute has published an update to its free compendium of...

ATRI Updates State and Local Idling Regulations List

The American Transportation Research Institute has published an update to its free compendium of state and local idling regulations.

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Shell Rotella Gas Truck full synthetic engine oil is designed to offer protection for towing and...

Shell Lubricants Offers Gas Truck Engine Oil

Shell Lubricants has launched Shell Rotella Gas Truck full synthetic engine oil, offering better protection for towing and hauling in gasoline-powered trucks.

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Diesel Winter Rescue is a fuel additive that is formulated to re-liquefy gelled fuel and de-ice...

Fuel Additive De-Ices Frozen Fuel Filters

Hot Shot’s Secret is offering a winter fuel additive called Diesel Winter Rescue, formulated to re-liquefy gelled fuel and de-ice frozen fuel filters.

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