For the love of truck drivers. How AMTs can save you drivers.

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Mack Trucks in action during the U.S. Army's 1919 cross-country motor convoy experiment. Photo:...

Motor Trucks in the Wild West

In 1919, a young Army officer learned firsthand how important modern roads were for his rapidly transforming young nation. And trucking benefits from the lessons he learned to this very day.

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During the 1919 transcontinental convoy,  soldiers use a winch to pull a truck out of a ditch.

The Interstate Highway System at 50

A look back at the rough and tumble history of America's remarkable Interstate System.

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Joyce Brenny, owner of Minnesota-based open-deck carriers Brenny Transportation and Brenny...

Commentary: For the Love of Truck Drivers

Two very different fleets. Two passionate leaders. One important thing in common: A love of drivers that comes from the very top. That’s what Editor in Chief Deborah Lockridge found after recent conversations with Joyce Brenny and Cari Baylor.

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Truck drivers may think because they travel along busy four-lane highways they don't need to...

5 Ways Truck Drivers Can Prevent Cold-Weather Calamity

Every year we read about drivers who perish in their trucks during extended road closures where the driver goes off the road or runs into impassable conditions. Would you or your drivers be able to stay warm and safe if you were caught in such a situation?

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Clark Reed says slowing down and taking the time to let traffic situations sort themselves out...

How One Driver Gets 10 MPG: Focusing on What He Can Control

Truck driver Clark Reed says slowing down and taking the time to let traffic situations sort themselves out on their own is one way to avoid unnecessary stops – and the fuel burn required to get a tractor-trailer up and under way again.

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All that sticky, gooey grease, laden with sand and bits of debris, can wind up in the locking...

Ready Your Fifth Wheel for Winter

Fifth wheels need lubricant, but too much grease can interfere with the locking mechanism when it thickens in winter.

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North Santiam Paving in Stayton, Oregon says a switch to AMTs has helped their drivers feel less...

How Automated Transmissions Helped a Paving Fleet Improve Fuel Economy and Driver Health

With a bit of fine-tuning, automated manual transmissions have transformed one Oregon paving fleet’s trucking operations.

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Remembering the Red Ball Express

African-American soldiers risked their lives to keep the U.S. Army supplied during World War II and became legends in the process.

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