Fleets and industry groups are changing tactics to find the people they need to maintain and...

How Trucking Will Find Tomorrow's Technicians

Fleets and industry groups are changing tactics to find the people they need to maintain and repair their trucks.

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While we won't see Mercedes' Urbanetic concept vehicle in 2019, we will see advances in...

8 Trends to Watch in Trucking in 2019

Reporting on the trucking industry was eventful in 2018, and it looks to get even more exciting in 2019. HDT Editor in Chief Deborah Lockridge shares her predictions for where we're going with drivers, regulations, technology and more.

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CES is only the beginning -- trucking is about to be in the public eye in a way it hasn't since...

Trucking Goes Mainstream at CES

The import of CES, formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show, is now so massive that even Class 8 truck OEMs want to showcase their vehicles and technologies at the show. Savvy fleet managers would do well to consider why that's so, says Jack Roberts in his Truck Tech blog.

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Eliminating some portion of the traditional axle housing could open opportunities for new...

Dumping the Driveshaft on Electric Vehicles

Drive axles for battery-electric vehicles will feature integrated motors. This eliminates the drivetrain, creates room for batteries, and puts the axle maker in charge of powering the vehicle.

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Kenworth’s T880 set-forward-axle version is usually seen with a dump or ready-mix body, but this...

Test Drive: One of a Kind Kenworth T880S

Kenworth’s T880S was engineered to meet bridge laws for axle spacing and weight limits, but it looks very nice in highway trim.

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Peterbilt Explains the Electric Model 220EV's Drive System [Video]

Peterbilt Explains the Electric Model 220EV's Drive System [Video]

At the Consumer Electronics Show, Peterbilt Chief Engineer, Scott Newhouse describes the drive system on the Model 220EV, Peterbilt's new medium-duty all-electric truck.

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Nikola's April launch of the next generation of its hydrogen-electric truck is just one of the...

2019: The Future in Truck Technology Begins

This year hasn't yet faded from the rear-view mirror, and HDT's Jim Park is already looking forward to 2019. The technology advances we have been watching over the past few years look finally to be coming to fruition, and some of those new bits will be hitting the street in 2019, some within the first few months of the New Year.

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Properly adjusted wheel bearings minimize irregular tire wear, reduce the potential for wheel...

Tight, but Not Too Tight With Wheel Bearing Adjustments

Wheel bearing adjustment can be a finicky process with uncertain results unless procedures are followed to the letter. There are simpler and less time-consuming ways to achieve better results.

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Known now as the eCascadia, Daimler's first offering to the Class 8 BEV market features a 550-kW...

The Many Trucks of CES 2019 [Photos]

While CES in Las Vegas is anything but a truck show, there’s a growing presence of automotive and transportation-related technology on display.

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