NYC sanitation fleet may not meet electrification deadline. Paccar adds online remote diagnostic management.


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Keep the Hackers Out: How Trucking Companies Can Up Their Cybersecurity Game

Big fleets have the resources to try to ward off cyberattacks, but where does that leave smaller fleets, ones without dedicated IT staff to develop and implement security measures? Learn more in this episode of HDT Talks Trucking

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DSNY sanitation commissioner Jessica Tisch is not confident that the entire department's fleet...

NYC Sanitation Fleet May Not Meet Electrification Deadline

The electric rear loader trucks in the New York City Sanitation Department's fleet don't have the range necessary to complete the needed work in a single charge, the sanitation commissioner said.

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Using the existing Paccar Solutions Portal access online, customers can monitor, manage and...

Peterbilt, Kenworth Add Online Remote Diagnostic Management

Peterbilt and Kenworth's remote diagnostics subscriptions can now be managed online through the Paccar Solutions Portal.

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The brokerage business saw the most dramatic slowdown in revenue growth last quarter, thanks to...

How a Softer Economy is Affecting Transportation Earnings

While the economy continues to grow, it appears to be doing so at a slower rate, and freight yields are coming under increasing pressure, HDT's Contributing Economic Analyst Jeff Kauffman.

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Trucking often bears the greatest burden in tolling schemes, says HDT Business/Washington...

Tolling is Getting Creative... and Costly for Trucking [Commentary]

Trucking often bears the greatest burden in tolling schemes, says HDT Business/Washington Contributing Editor David Cullen.

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If hydrogen is the fuel of the future, for some, the future is already here.

Is Hydrogen Really Trucking’s Fuel of the Future?

Demand projections for hydrogen are exploding in some parts of the globe. Why is North America behind the curve?

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The small van has been dealt the deatth blow with the recent announcement of the end of the Ram...

The Death of the Small Van

The last of a dying breed of compact vans is discontinued. Where does that leave fleets?

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ThompsonGas provides propane services to residential and commercial customers nationwide.

Adapt or Die: How to Evolve Your Fleet to Maintain Health & Safety

One fleet leans on technology to not only survive, but to thrive and find the perfect recipe for success.

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The path to zero emissions is different for every fleet.

9 Keys to Drawing a Roadmap to Zero Fleet Emissions

Trucking can’t just flip a switch to zero emissions. Here are nine things to consider to determine the best path forward for your fleet.

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