The head of Daimler’s Truck and Bus business division, Martin Daum, said that not all new...

Daimler's Daum: Platooning May Not be the Holy Grail

At the HDMA Breakfast at the IAA Show in Hannover, Germany, the head of Daimler’s Truck and Bus business division noted that not all new technologies ultimately pan out. And truck platooning may be one of them.

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Since launching Uber Freight, the company had seen its share of difficulties, culminating in the...

Q&A: What Uber Freight Can Do for Small Fleets and Shippers

Since launching Uber Freight, Uber has seen controversies and lawsuits, increasing competition, and shut down its automated trucking division. We spoke with Eric Berdinis, senior product manager for Uber Freight, about the company’s progress.

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E-commerce is changing the employment landscape. Couriers and messengers was the second-fastest...

Strength in E-Commerce Could Stress Holiday Season Capacity

Rising overall retail sales — both e-commerce and traditional — and the pressure to deliver products more quickly has led to more truckload and LTL delivery points, not fewer, resulting in greater pressure on capacity.

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TMC and FleetNet are offering members a new Vertical Benchmarking Study that looks at...

TMC Benchmarking Study Finds Fewer Unscheduled Roadside Truck Repairs

Overall unscheduled roadside repairs were down in the second quarter of this year, according to the latest Truckload Vertical Benchmarking study from TMC and FleetNet America.

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An example test question from one of CarrierEdge's safety modules is shown.

Reducing Liability is Good, but Safety is Primary Goal

The worst time to realize your fleet’s safety program doesn’t measure up is when you’re answering attorneys’ questions in court or at a deposition.

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The CIMC Intermodal Equipment Revere premium specification chassis is offered with several high...

CIMC Debuts Decked Out Premium Specification Chassis

CIMC Intermodal Equipment unveiled the Revere premium specification chassis, offered with several high quality components as standard equipment.

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Ridewell Suspensions has released a new series of short track axles that can be configured with...

Ridewell Offers Short Track Disc Brake Axles

Ridewell Suspensions has released a new series of short track axles that can be configured with automatic tire inflation systems.

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