The interface between the truck cab and the driver is changing to integrate both driver-specific...

How a Future Truck Will Intelligently Adapt to Its Drivers

In the future, your truck will know who you are, how you want things set up, where you’re going, and when you need to get there.

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Sentinel Transportation, a Delaware-based tanker fleet, thinks full automatic emergency braking...

Don’t Let Driver Training be the Weak Link in Safety Technology

Collision mitigation and emergency braking systems on trucks could save lives, according to the National Transportation Safety Board and fleets that use them. But you can’t just spec advanced safety technology on your truck and think you’re done.

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NTSB has determined that this Tesla Model 3 was under autonomous control when it struck a...

NTSB Findings Suggest Tesla’s Autonomous Control Activated During Fatal Crash

On an early morning in March, a 2018 Tesla Model 3 electric-powered passenger vehicle crashed into a tractor-trailer near Delray Beach, Florida. The National Transportation Safety Board now says the car’s autonomous control system was engaged at the time of the accident.

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Hub Group's trucks and containers use Internet-connected sensors to relay constant updates. AI...

Hub Group Using AI, Machine Learning for Real-Time Visibility of Shipments

Hub Group says it’s using artificial intelligence and machine learning to leverage data from its GPS-equipped container fleet to give customers end-to-end visibility, with real-time, dynamic, shipment-level ETAs.

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Amazon wants to expand its small-business delivery package partners by helping employees quit...

Amazon Wants Employees to Open Package Delivery Businesses

Amazon announced it will take an active role in helping interested employees launch their own package delivery businesses, expanding its Delivery Service Partner program with some additional incentives to help those employees make the transition.

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Side Defender II adds intelligent technology to its lane change assist feature, meeting the...

Preco PreView Side Defender II Actively Monitors Blind Spots

Preco Electronics PreView Side Defender II actively monitors a truck's blind spot, detecting moving vulnerable road users (VRU) while ignoring stationary objects, resulting in safer driving for truck operators in crowded low-speed urban settings.

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Predictive Coach is an add-in to Geotab vehicle telematics devices, that analyzes real-time...

Predictive Coach Automatically Assigns Driver Training Based on Behavior

Predictive Coach is driver training software that assigns behavior-based training based on actual driving behavior from a telematics device.

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Suntech's ST4940 is a 4G Cat-M1 device for fleet vehicle management.

Hyperion to Provide Suntech Devices on Sprint Network

Hyperion Partners will provide Suntech's telematics tracking devices to fleets for use on Sprint's 4G cellular network, the company has announced.

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PrePass has enhanced its PrePass Motion bypass app with the addition of PrePass Alerts which...

PrePass Alerts Provides Safety Notifications for Drivers

PrePass has enhanced its PrePass Motion bypass app with the addition of PrePass Alerts which gives truck drivers roadway safety notifications.

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Trucking shouldnt waste time on pipe-dreams like platooning and autonomous trucks and instead...

Jeff Sass: Electric Trucks, Connectivity Are In, Platooning and Autonomous Trucks Are Out

Trucking shouldn't waste time on pipe-dreams like platooning and autonomous trucks and instead focus on improving logistics and making the trade appeal to young people, said Hendrickson's Jeff Sass while speaking at the Heavy Duty Trucking Exchange in Phoenix.

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