Plus exec talks to HDT about the future of autonomous driving tech; US XPress Digital fleet doesn't deliver; Fleet Forward Conference; Grote's smart trailer system


FMCSA is asking for input on potential changes to its electronic logging device (ELD) rules.

FMCSA Considering Changes to ELD Rules

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is asking for comments on how to improve its mandatory electronic logging device regulations, which potentially could result in the first substantial changes to the ELD rules since their implementation.

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HDT Senior Contributing Editor Jack Roberts (left) and Plus COO Shawn Kerrigan sit down to talk...

Q&A: Plus COO on the Role of Autonomous Trucking Tech

Shawn Kerrigan, the COO and co-founder of Plus, believes autonomous technology will be focused on making human drivers safer and more productive for many years to come.

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Grote Industries' 4See smart trailer system will integrate data from various sensors on the...

Grote 4See Smart Trailer System: Harness of the Future?

Although 33% of the 3 million trailers on the road in North America could be considered to have telematics, only 5% of them are considered smart trailers, says Grote. It believes its new 4See system could increase the percentage of smart trailers to 34% by 2027.

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The agenda for the combined Fleet Forward and Fleet Safety Conferences includes a who’s-who of...

Fleet Forward Conference Announces 2022 Agenda

Information on keynotes, seminars, awards, and networking opportunities at this year’s Fleet Forward Conference — combined for the first time with the Fleet Safety Conference — are enclosed.

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Variant’s fleet orchestration platform, Vector, used interconnected algorithms and services to...

U.S. Xpress Steps Back From High-Tech Variant Fleet to Focus on ‘Blocking and Tackling’

Variant, U.S. Xpress' digital fleet, was supposed to be the future, using telematics data and complex algorithms to manage the fleet. At first, it was a success. But last year things started going downhill.

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The Cooltrax TempTracker reporting interface provides instant access to a variety of data...

Cooltrax Launches Remote Temperature Monitor

The advanced temperature tracking system introduced by Cooltrax provides wireless temperature management for cold chain fleets.

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