Most of us probably believe that the onset of autonomous vehicles is inevitable, cars and trucks...

Commentary: What a Car-Trends Survey Tells Us About Future Truck Tech

74% believe that mixing autonomous and non-autonomous traffic will lead to severe safety issues.

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Schneider will hand out Samsung Galaxy tablets to its drivers to give them access to critical...

Schneider Equips its Drivers with Tablets

Schneider has begun a roll out of Samsung Galaxy tablets for its drivers, giving them access to critical work information while in the field.

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A Volvo Group subsidiary has invested in an American company that is developing and...

Volvo Group Invests in Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging

Volvo Group Venture Capital, a subsidiary of Volvo Group, has announced an investment in Momentum Dynamics, a compay that is developing high power wireless charging technology for electric vehicles.

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Continental is showing attendees at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas how a driverless...

Continental Shows Future Technology Vision at CES

Dog-like robots could one day be delivering packages from driverless vans, as demonstrated in a vision of the future presented by Continental at the CES electronics show in Las Vegas.

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Udelv Unveils Newest Autonomous Delivery Van at CES

Udelv Unveils Newest Autonomous Delivery Van at CES

Udelv, manufacturers of the Newton van, also announced a series of strategic partnerships with retailers worldwide at the show.

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With a rich history dating back 85 years, Edwardsville, Ill.-based Cassens Transport is...

Transport Fleet Adopts SmartDrive to Improve Driver Safety

SmartDrive Systems announced Cassens Transport Company, one of the oldest automotive logistics services company in the United States, has deployed the SmartDrive program across its entire fleet of nearly 1,200 trucks.

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Continental Unleashes RoboDogs at CES [Video]

Continental Unleashes RoboDogs at CES [Video]

If you think autonomous trucks sound futuristic, Continental showed off its concept for dog-like robots that could one day be delivering packages from driverless vans.

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The GiraffeG4 system offers drivers overhead protection by measuring the height of an upcoming...

GiraffeG4 Warns Drivers of Low Clearance

The GiraffeG4 system offers drivers overhead protection by measuring the height of an upcoming low-clearance obstacle.

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