Automatic trailer line connection. Dynamic pricing for McLeod's PowerBroker.




Eliminate Your Fleet’s Tolling Headaches

Say goodbye to the frustrations and inefficiencies of managing multiple toll invoices.

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Penske says its new AI-driven tool offers advantages over traditional fleet benchmarking.

Dynamic Fleet Benchmarking with Penske's AI-Driven Management Platform

Penske's Catalyst AI fleet management platform uses artificial intelligence to provide real-time insight into fleet performance, benchmarking against similar fleets, and the ability to identify opportunities for improvement.

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ERegs allows access to the FMCSRs via desktop computer or mobile app.

ERegs: A New Way to Navigate Truck Safety Regulations

With eRegs, two veteran trucking attorneys and fleet consultants want to revolutionize the way trucking companies and their drivers interact with and internalize the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

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Motive announced upcoming enhancements to its Driver Safety Solution, including new AI models...

Motive Expands All-in-One AI-Powered Operations Platform

Motive said AI computer vision at scale gives leaders more visibility into physical operations than ever before.

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Optimal Dynamics helps fleets uncover opportunities to drive automation, efficiency, and...

Optimal Dynamics Uses AI for Better Truckload Bidding, Dispatch Decisions

Optimal Dynamics is using artificial intelligence to help truckload carriers make better decisions and has added features to help optimize EDI tender acceptance, bidding workflow, and dispatching.

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The Greenscreens-McLeod integration gives McLeod PowerBroker users direct access... Integration Brings Dynamic Pricing Tool to McLeod's PowerBroker, a dynamic pricing platform for the freight industry, officially announced its integration into McLeod Software's PowerBroker, a software solution for logistics, brokerages, and 3PLs.

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The Stoughton Trailers Auto Connect system allows drivers to connect tTrailer lines from inside...

Stoughton Trailers Unveils Automatic Trailer Air and Connection Line System

Developed with Electrans Technologies, the new Auto Connect system automatically connects truck and trailer air, seven-way electrical and communication lines in seven seconds.

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The Roadz Unified Fleet Workspace eliminates the need for fleet managers to navigate across...

Roadz Unified Fleet Workspace Brings Together Siloed Data

Roadz says its new Unified Fleet Workspace uses AI to help fleets with the challenge of making decisions based on siloed data from too many applications.

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AI: The Autonomous-Truck Game-Changer

The advent of artificial intelligence computer systems will be the difference that propels autonomous trucks into everyday use, says Jack Roberts in his Truck Tech blog.

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