Waymo has begun mapping operations in New Mexico and Texas as a prelude to autonomous Class 8...

Waymo Begins Autonomous Mapping Runs in New Mexico and Texas

Waymo has begun carrying out interstate mapping operations by a fleet of minivans in New Mexico and Texas – a move that is seen by many tech observers as a prelude to long-haul evaluation runs of tractor-trailers under autonomous control.

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The FCC wants to reallocate half of the 5.9 GHZ band due to the “slow deployment” of dedicated...

House Committee Criticizes FCC Effort to Open Up 5.9 GHz Spectrum

In a letter to the Federal Communication Commission, leaders and members of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure criticized that agency’s effort to open up the 5.9-gigahertz wireless communication spectrum to non-transportation use.

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DHL Express Americas, one of the fleet members of The Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance, is...

Major Companies Accelerate EV Fleet Transition Through New Alliance

Several fleets have joined the Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance to advance their commitments to fleet electrification.

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Technology Helps Address Changing Parts-Buying Patterns [Commentary]

Technology Helps Address Changing Parts-Buying Patterns [Commentary]

Consumers and businesses alike are relying on technology to help them research products they are interested in and to place orders for those products. Vipar Heavy Duty launched Partsphere to address these trends in heavy-duty aftermarket parts.

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Isuzu and Honda have announced a joint research agreement to develop hydrogen fuel cell...

Isuzu, Honda Ink Hydrogen Fuel Cell R&D Deal

Isuzu and Honda have announced that they will be working together to develop hydrogen fuel cell technologies for commercial trucks and passenger car markets.

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Electronics maintenance will become a priority for fleets as systems become both more common and...

How to Spec and Protect Truck Electronics

Electronics are not noted for being robust systems. They are susceptible to failure due to environmental conditions such as dust or moisture, extremely hot and cold temperatures, mud, grime and grit, anti-icing chemicals – all the things a truck deals during a routine day’s work.

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Freight visibility products provide shippers real-time information on load status.

How Freight Visibility is Evolving

Long before the information technology revolution, “Where’s my load?” was a constant question from shippers. Technology has made providing an answer much easier for carriers.

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