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How to Rebuild Tank Trailers

St. John builds stainless steel subframe for a tanker refurb, doubling the life expectancy of...

What's a fleet to do with a worn-out tank trailer with a perfectly good barrel? Rebuild the thing, of course. Refurbishing gives owners the benefit of the latest lighting, brake, and suspension innovations on a virtually new chassis for about half the cost of a whole new tank trailer – and you don't have to pay the federal excise tax.


Which Lift Best Suits Your Needs?

The Skylift platform lift from Stertil-Koni can be configured to lift an entire tractor trailer...

Heavy-duty vehicle lifts come in a variety of designs; some may be more suitable than others to your operation. Here's a brief description of several lift types, just to get you thinking.


Choose the Right Lift for your Fleet

Inground hydraulic piston lift require breaking the concrete floor to install the hydraulics and...

Vehicle lifts come in a dizzying variety of configurations, usually targeted to certain intended applications. Deciding what you want to do with a lift is the first step in choosing the right machine for your shop.


HDT's 2019 Top Photo Galleries

Cabover trucks at the Mid-America Trucking Show

Whether it's an overview of a trucking show or a more detailed look at a new truck or technology, HDT photo galleries give readers a look at a topic in a way that words just can't convey. Here are the 2019 photo galleries that drew the most web traffic.


Shop Lifts can Increase Productivity, Employee Satisfaction

Lifts get your maintenance problems off the ground and up into the air where technicians can see...

Ask technicians whether they prefer working in a puddle under a truck on a creeper or out in broad daylight under a truck hoisted 70 inches in the air. Using vehicle lifts in the shop can increase productivity, but lifts can also be a great way to boost employee morale and retention.

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Got Questions? Sleeper Cab Power Experts

Steve Carlson is the Xantrex OEM and fleet manager. Steve has over 20 years of...

Xantrex OEM and Fleet Manager

Steve Carlson from Xantrex

Xantrex OEM and Fleet Manager