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Q&A: Wabco's Morrison on Active Steering Advances

Advances in steering are soon going to make driving easier, and will be an important part of the...

In our January issue, HDT Equipment Editor Jim Park explored how advances in steering are soon going to make driving easier, and will be an important part of the move toward more automation in trucks. Here's a more extended interview on the topic with Jon Morrison, president of the Americas at Wabco.


What Will Earnings Look Like for Fleets This Year?

Since 2000, Werner’s operating margins have stayed in a consistent 6% to 9% range, with the...

With our 2019 economics and truck volume forecast in place, where should that take us in terms of earnings, and where are we in the course of the earnings cycle for truckers? Commentary from the February issue of Heavy Duty Trucking magazine.


Options for Retiring Propane Autogas Work Trucks

If your fleet is not considering or cannot pursue an outright trade-in option, don’t despair....

Propane autogas vehicles provide a lot of value when it is time to replace or retire the asset, whether fleet owners plan to sell privately, at a public auction, or trade-in the vehicle. Here are a few things to consider when making the decision.

ELD Versus AOBRD: What's the Difference?

If you're still using a grandfathered AOBRD, it pays to know the difference an ELD will make for your fleet so you can start tapping into the benefits prior to the December 16, 2019 deadline for implementation.

Got Questions

Got Questions? Sleeper Cab Power Experts

Steve Carlson is the Xantrex OEM and fleet manager. Steve has over 20 years of...

Xantrex OEM and Fleet Manager

Steve Carlson from Xantrex

Xantrex OEM and Fleet Manager