Konexial LogiCam Aux mesh network. - Photo: Konexial

Konexial LogiCam Aux mesh network.

Photo: Konexial

Konexial announced the release My20 LogiCam Aux, side auxiliary cameras which create a mesh network of nearly 360-degree camera coverage for commercial motor vehicles and Class 8 trucks. 

The side auxiliary dash cameras are designed to provide a comprehensive view of a commercial truck's surroundings, especially in situations where blind spots pose a risk to drivers or other vehicles. The cameras can be mounted on the sides of the truck, and their high-definition footage is accessed in real-time by fleet managers over the mesh 5G or LTE network connection.

"My20 LogiCam Aux cameras are a game-changer for commercial trucking and logistics companies," said Konexial COO Andy Dishner in a statement. "By providing an extra set of eyes on the road, we're giving our clients the tools they need to make sure their drivers and vehicles are safe at all times."

When paired with the My20 LogiCam Ai dash camera, auxiliary cameras form a mesh network with a range of features, including night vision and AI-powered driver coaching. Video footage of events is recorded and stored within the Konexial admin dashboard for up to four months where it can be downloaded on demand. This allows fleet managers to review footage in the event of an accident or other incident, and to take action to prevent similar incidents in the future.

In addition to providing increased safety and security, integrating the My20 LogiCam Ai and LogiCam Aux camera solution can help fleet managers optimize their operations. By analyzing footage from the cameras, managers can identify areas where drivers may need additional coaching, training, or support. They can also use the data to make informed decisions about route planning and other operational strategies.