Flatdeck carrier Hornady Transportation announced a new pay program offering its truck drivers a guaranteed weekly gross minimum pay.

Under this new program, drivers are guaranteed pay increases as pay-per-mile increases.

The pay program, effective March 6, applies to all linehaul 1 and 2 drivers and provides guaranteed weekly gross minimum pay determined by their pay bracket. Drivers who earn 46-50 cents per mile will be guaranteed $1,000 per week; those who earn 52 and 53 cents per mile will be guaranteed $1,100 per week; and drivers earning 54-56 cents per mile will be guaranteed $1,200 per week. In addition to the guaranteed weekly pay, Hornady Transportation will also prorate holiday weeks.

“We know that this line of work requires a lot of sacrifices for professional drivers. They’re away from home and their loved ones for long periods of time,” said Joe Booker, president of Hornady Transportation. “This new pay program is one of the ways we can show our appreciation for their hard work and dedication.”

Drivers can expect the first settlement reflecting the new guarantee pay on their March 16 paychecks.

“As one of the Daseke family of companies, Hornady Transportation operates successfully by utilizing some of the best drivers in the trucking industry and offering top pay and benefits,” said Chris Hornady, CEO for Hornady Transportation. “Introducing a weekly minimum pay guarantee is just another way Hornady Transportation can compensate professional drivers for the sacrifice they make.”