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Driver Retention

Roehl Transport Raises Driver Pay for Second Time this Year

Roehl Transport Inc. has announced it is increasing driver pay yet again this year. Effective July 22, the carrier is upping pay for drivers in its flatbed, refrigerated, and curtainside fleets where customer demand is strongest.

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Northeast Fleet Sets 70-Cent Base Pay Per Mile for Team Drivers

K.L. Harring Transportation has announced a driver pay raise that increases the base pay rate for team drivers to 70 cents per mile.

CFI Revamps Driver Compensation Program

CFI has announced an overhaul of its driver compensation package that brings with it an immediate pay increase of up to 3 cents per mile for company and independent drivers.

Bad Experiences with Recruiters, Dispatchers May Lead to Early Turnover

With turnover at large truckload fleets at an all-time high, Stay Metrics' latest report on driver turnover shows that a substantial portion of drivers who leave within the first 90 days may do so for reasons that are preventable.

Fleet Operations, Finance Departments Not Seeing Eye to Eye

Corporate finance departments and fleet managers bring different perspectives to priorities such as vehicle acquisition, cost reduction measures, and maintenance and repair that can create obstacles such as "a significant lack of communication," according to a new survey from Fleet Advantage.

Artur Express Orders 145 New Trucks

Artur Express announced plans to add 115 new trucks this summer, with an order for 30 more to arrive in December.

Heartland Express Raises Driver Pay in All Divisions

Heartland Express announced a pay raise for drivers in all divisions across the company, including mileage drivers, owner-operators, hourly and salaried drivers, and teams.

Central Oregon Trucking Guarantees Weekly Minimum Driver Pay

Central Oregon Truck Company has announced a new pay structure for drivers that guarantees a minimum number of miles per week with a minimum salary.

Nussbaum Transportation Raises Base Truck Driver Pay

For the second time in 2018, Nussbaum Transportation has increased truck driver pay, this time for an average of an additional 3 cents per mile as of July 1.

How One Alabama Fleet is Finding Quality Truck Drivers

Alabama Motor Express is finding success in cutting its driver turnover using an online test that provides a behavioral assessment to identify the best candidates.