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Driver Shortage

The subjects of our Top 10 Articles for the year range from the whys and wherefores of complying with new safety regulations, especially the ELD mandate, to what strategies to deploy to curb the driver shortage. Other standout topics include the impact of liberalized marijuana laws on trucking and a look at why there have been so many high-profile fleet closures.

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iGen: Appealing to a New Generation of Drivers

Between drivers retiring without enough recruits to take their place, and demand rapidly growing, the need for qualified professionals is expected to increase exponentially in the next decade. Here are some tips to attract a new generation of drivers. Learn more with our Driver Recruitment and Retention series.

Driver Shortage: Yes or No?

The driver shortage is a touchy subject. Some say it's just the turnover of truckers finding better jobs at other fleets. Contributing Editor Rolf Lockwood thinks there may be more to it than that.

Driver Shortage? Sorry, Truckers Aren't Buying It

Equipment Editor Jim Park, himself a driver and owner-operator for 20 years, disagrees with the notion of a driver shortage. There are 10 million CDL holders in the U.S. and only 3.7 million trucks requiring CDL drivers. How is that a shortage?