The American Trucking Associations is seeking an exemption from the hours-of-service rule for drivers serving natural gas or oil wells.

ATA’s request concerns the 14-hour provision of the rule. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration already offers an exemption for drivers who operate the special trucks that service the wells. These drivers, who are specifically trained to operate these rigs, do not have to include their waiting time in their 14-hour daily duty count.

ATA wants to extend this exemption to drivers “exclusively engaged in servicing oil and natural gas extraction sites,” the agency says in a notice to be published in the Friday Federal Register.

The association says that trucks equipped with sleeper berths, and sites that have bunk facilities, would give the drivers the opportunity to rest.

“ATA believes the proposed exemption would encourage these drivers to obtain quality rest at extraction sites and would provide an improved standard for State officials enforcing waiting time requirements,” the agency said.

The association is proposing a 2-year exemption that could be renewed. The agency will accept comments until around the end of June.