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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on July 13 announced an extension of its exemption from certain regulations for drivers and companies providing direct assistance to the COVID-19 emergency relief efforts.

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J. J. Keller Offers New HoS Training

J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. have developed new training to help drivers understand the revised requirements under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s new hours of service rules, which will take effect September 29, 2020.

Could Some COVID-19 Waivers Become Permanent?

Federal regulators have introduced a series of waivers in response to COVID-19, to ensure that freight continues to move south of the border. Now they’re looking at whether selected waivers could become a permanent fixture.

Understanding the New 30-Minute Break Rule

Roughly two years in the making, the new federal hours-of-service (HOS) rules have arrived. They could provide drivers with a lot more flexibility — and productivity — if applied correctly.

FMCSA Narrows Definition of COVID-19 Relief Loads

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has extended its COVID-19 emergency declaration allowing for the exemption from hours-of-service rules if delivering relief loads – but it has narrowed the definition of relief loads.

House Bill Would Spend $319 Billion on Highways, Postpone New HOS Rules

A $500 billion, five-year infrastructure bill introduced by the House of Representatives would not only fund highways and advance clean transportation efforts, but also would delay implementation of the new hours-of-service rule, require a rulemaking on driver detention, push revision of how motor carrier safety is measured under the CSA program.