TechCelerate Now wants to accelerate the adoption of ADAS systems such as the ones in this Kenworth T680 next-gen truck. - HDT Graphic

TechCelerate Now wants to accelerate the adoption of ADAS systems such as the ones in this Kenworth T680 next-gen truck.

HDT Graphic

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has awarded a Phase 2 contract for the continuation of its TechCelerate Now trucking technology analysis and education program, designed to accelerate the adoption of advanced driver assistance systems.

TechCelerate Now is an ongoing initiative of FMCSA and the ITS Joint Program Office.

The program is focused on accelerating the adoption of advanced driver assistance systems by the trucking industry to reduce fatalities and prevent injuries and crashes.

Phase 2 of the initiative is a four-year program that will develop new and updated technical information and guidelines for various ADAS technologies.

Industry groups working with FMCSA on the program include the American Trucking Associations and its research arm, the American Transportation Research Institute, as well as ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Council, and the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association Foundation.

How TechCelerate Plans to Promote ADAS Adoption in Trucking

The TechCelerate Now program will incorporate technology data, research and analysis into a suite of marketing tools, according to the announcement.

Among other key tasks, the program will document evolving fleet and driver perspectives, develop an expanded ADAS ROI Calculator, set up a national TechCelerate Now Service Center, and produce informational videos and brochures.

One of the things the program discovered in phase one was a need to focus more on driver attitudes. Higher awareness and positive perception were found among carrier executives than drivers for ADAS technologies. Truck drivers have concerns about the use of active safety systems, the primary concern being that ADAS may take control away from drivers. And motor carriers, it found, are hesitant to implement technologies and programs that might hurt driver recruitment and retention.

TMC will also be producing new ADAS Recommended Practices and a TCN Ambassador Program.

“We’re very pleased to continue the progress TechCelerate Now has made in examining various safety technologies and setting a course for expanding the industry dialogue on the potential safety benefits of these systems,” said Jeff Loftus, Chief, Advanced Technology Division, Office of Research and Registration, FMCSA.

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