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6 Things You Should Know About Personal Conveyance

Are you confused about personal conveyance? You're not alone. FMCSA significantly changed its guidance on this aspect of the hours of service rules. Here are some of the most important things you need to know.

FMCSA Chief Martinez at ATA: Safety Better Served by Working With Industry

It’s rare that a government regulator gets a spontaneous ovation from a room packed full of trucking executives, but that’s exactly what happened Oct. 27 when Federal Motor Carrier Administrator Ray Martinez spoke during the American Trucking Associations’ Management Conference & Exhibition in Austin, Texas.

Tennessee Tech Says Glider Kit Emissions Study Conclusions Inaccurate

Tennessee Tech said some of the conclusions of its study of glider kit emissions were not accurate, and that the data does not support its earlier statements that the remanufactured engines used in glider kits performed as well as OEM engines certified under EPA emissions standards.

OOIDA Event Includes FMCSA-Hosted Hours of Service Session

The Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association will co-host a listening session on hours of service regulations with the FMCSA at the Guilty By Association Truck Show, allowing industry members to give their suggestions on reforming the current rules.