Join HDT as we dig a little deeper into how motor carriers, shippers, brokers, and the logistics industry are harnessing data, technology, and new practices to operate more efficiently and profitably — and keep shippers and drivers happy.

Trucking and logistics are undergoing a transformative revolution in how freight gets from Point A to Point B. Companies are using data, telematics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to move freight faster, more efficiently, and with better visibility all around. Lines are blurring between truckload, less-than-truckload, regional, last-mile, brokers and third-party logistics. We're seeing the digitization and automation of everything from load-matching to communication with shippers to determining which lanes are and aren't profitable.

In this HDT series:

  • Titan Freight Systems, PGT Trucking, and Paper Transport share insights into how fleets can make routes more predictable and get drivers home more often.
  • Rollzi's Damien Hutchins shares his story of creating a new operating model, single-lane relays. Relays aren't new, but Rollzi has taken the concept in a fresh direction.
  • Learn how the convergence of motor carriers, brokers, and third-party logistics providers expands logistics options, with technology integration enhancing efficiency, transparency, and flexibility.
  • Finding a truck can take a freight broker more time than it does to locate a new customer. Hear from Ed Stockman, CEO at startup Newtrul, as he explains the advantages and challenges.
  • Loadsmith founder Brett Suma shares how his company creates value by automating the middle mile, improving asset utilization and driver satisfaction through technology.
  • Learn how less-than-truckload carriers are proactively navigating market changes, positioning themselves for success in a technology-driven logistics landscape.

Explore 'How Freight Movement is Changing' in this HDT series:

How Technology is Making Logistics More Efficient 

Forward-thinking motor carriers and brokers are investing in data-driven technology — and we don’t mean the IT people who come fix your computer.

Rollzi Brings a High-Tech Twist to an Old Trucking Model 

Damien Hutchins co-founded a tech-enabled trucking company, Rollzi, to bring a new operating model to the industry: Single-lane relays.

Happy Medium: How Drivers Influence Regional Freight Movement 

As more drivers look toward regional haul as a more predictable trucking job, some fleets are adapting their operations to meet those

Motor Carriers and Logistics Companies Offer Shippers More Options than Ever 

Whether freight is handled by motor carrier, broker, or 3PL, the options for how to move it are growing as the players and their roles evolve and intermingle.

How Automating Load Brokering Helps Carriers Meet Trucking Challenges 

Newtrul CEO Ed Stockman discusses top issues facing freight brokers and motor carriers and how technology in the load-matching process can help.

Loadsmith: Rethinking Logistics for the Autonomous Era

Brett Suma has a vision for AI-optimized autonomous truck lanes that will "shape the future of truckload transportation."

4 Trends in Less-Than-Truckload

Less-than-truckload carriers will best ride out the turbulence of the freight environment in 2023 by closely managing key challenges to profitability, including falling freight volumes and flat rates.

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