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During the lead up to implementing the ELD Rule, many new technology providers without industry experience cropped up to get a piece of the technology pie. Fleets that have non-compliant or inefficient ELD solutions should consider switching to those who have more experience.

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Five Reasons There's Never Been a Better Time to be in Trucking

All this talk about disruption and new technology can be overwhelming at times. But if you take a step back and look at where trucking is, and where it's heading, there's never been a better time to be in the fleet business. Blog commentary by Jack Roberts

Spireon Sold to N.Y. Private Equity Firm

New York-based Greenbriar Equity Group has acquired Spireon, Inc. from Bertram Capital, a San Mateo-based equity firm that has presided over the expansion of the telematics provider.

Do You Need Smart Trailers?

Today, technologies can monitor and report on a variety of things such as tire pressure, box temperature, reefer condition, and battery levels, that can be reported directly to fleet managers in real time. So how do you know if these technologies are right for your fleet?

Boston, NYC Top City Congestion List

Congestion peaked in the late afternoon in 19 of the most populous 20 cities studied by Geotab with the exception of Baltimore, which had the most gridlocked congestion between 8 and 9 a.m., the telematics provider found.

Derive to Demo Telematics Solution at Fleet Forward Conference

In addition to in-person vehicle demonstrations, attendees of the Fleet Forward Conference will hear directly from Derive Systems Chief Technology Officer Marco Torre on Oct. 10, during the scheduled conference TEK Talk – A Roadmap for Advanced Fleet Safety.