Geotab-Daimler telematics integration makes all data from various OEMs and Geotab's devices available in one unified platform.  -  Photo: Geotab

Geotab-Daimler telematics integration makes all data from various OEMs and Geotab's devices available in one unified platform.

Photo: Geotab

Geotab and Daimler Truck North America announced they are partnering to simplify fleet management. The two companies will facilitate the integration of direct truck data from Freightliner trucks via DTNA's data-as-a-service technology, and the MyGeotab fleet management platform. This integrated telematics platform will help fleets deal with the complex issue of collecting and transforming data from multiple sources into actionable insights, the companies said in a press release.

Simplified Mixed-Fleet Management

The new Geotab-Daimler telematics integration helps to simplify mixed-fleet management, according to the companies. This is because the integrated system makes all data from various OEMs and Geotab's GO devices available in one unified platform. Customers will be able to tailor unique needs via Geotab's Marketplace of hardware and software solutions. This integrated solution is activated remotely, requires no additional hardware, facilitates access to enterprise-grade vehicle data. The system empowers fleets to make decisions that can enhance safety, improve overall operations and boost sustainability, the companies said.

"We are excited to welcome Geotab to our growing data-as-a-service ecosystem,” said Anil Khanna, director of connected products, DTNA. “By powering Geotab's platform with high-fidelity data from DTNA's factory-installed telematics device and innovative DaaS technology, our customers will benefit from an enterprise quality integrated system that delivers comprehensive data-driven insights. Through the DaaS innovation, DTNA is enabling new connectivity-led solutions for the end benefit of our customers. The integration of DTNA's DaaS technology with Geotab's platform is a notable step in maximizing convenience while unlocking value for our fleets."

Moving to Fully Harness All Data

As fleets' needs have continued to evolve, many OEMs are in the process of adapting and enhancing their capabilities to fully harness the rich potential of data generated by their vehicles, the companies said. This partnership seeks to accelerate that journey by tapping into a reservoir of expertise and resources that the Geotab platform readily provides.

"In today's rapidly evolving fleet management landscape, the need for high-quality, accessible data insights has become paramount for streamlined, efficient, and adaptive operations,” added Scott Sutarik, vice president enterprise solutions, Geotab. “Our alliance with DTNA marks a significant stride forward in simplifying the complex data-driven, decision-making process that modern fleet operations demand. Bringing together the capabilities of DTNA's factory-installed telematics with Geotab's robust platform, we are not only facilitating seamless data integration but also fostering a relationship that will help catalyze the global movement towards intelligent, efficient, and sustainable fleet solutions. Together, we are paving the way for a future where technology and convenience can coexist."

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