International Truck, Triumph Business Capital & TriumphPay Provide PPE to Truck Drivers
International Truck, Triumph Business Capital & TriumphPay Provide PPE to Truck Drivers

International Truck, Triumph Business Capital, and TriumphPay have joined forces to purchase and distribute more than $75,000 worth of personal protective equipment (PPE) to drivers in need.

"While large fleets have a solid distribution network to provide protection to their drivers, many drivers for smaller fleets and independent drivers, like myself, are on our own," said Ingrid Brown, principal, Rollin' B LLC, and company driver at Fleenor Brothers Enterprises. "Hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and masks are hard to come by these days. International Truck, Triumph Business Capital and TriumphPay doing this provides a great comfort. I can protect myself, assist in slowing the spread of this virus, and still do my job."

A truck driver for more than four decades and advocate for the millions of truck drivers on the road, Brown has been publicly sharing the realities of life on the road during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Truck drivers are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic regularly coming into contact with people as they deliver critical supplies across the country," said Jordan Graft, president of TriumphPay. "We were compelled to take action after reading about Ingrid's troubles sourcing PPE and purchased $25,000 worth of supplies. Thanks to International Truck, we are not only able to get these goods into the hands of drivers who need it most but are also able to add to the total amount of PPE supplied."

The three companies each purchased $25,000 of PPE supplies to be distributed through select International Truck dealerships in the U.S. and Canada. Each dealership will have more than 6,500 masks and 6,000 8 oz. bottles of hand sanitizer to share with drivers as they come in for service, complete with personalized thank you cards from International Truck employees and their families.

"Masks and disinfectants are still sparse at stores, making it difficult for drivers to protect themselves," said Michael Cancelliere, president, Truck, Navistar. "On the heels of our joint initiative with our dealer network to supply more than 10,000 meals for truckers, we're fortunate to partner with Triumph Business Capital and TriumphPay to make it easier for drivers to obtain necessary PPE in a location that's safe for them, their vehicle and load.”

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