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As trucking industry office workers from across North America adapt to the realities of working from home, it should come as no surprise that engineers have employed some fairly clever ways to get the job done.

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McLeod Software User Conference Goes Virtual

Originally planned to take place September 27-29, in Washington, D.C., McLeod Software has decided, in light of the current COVID-19 environment, to create a fully virtual user conference instead.

HDT Webinar to Explore Trucking Recovery from COVID-19

Pandemic lockdowns are easing and freight levels are increasing, but the COVID-19 virus is still out there, and it may take a while for the economy to recover. What does the future hold for our country’s economy and the trucking industry?

3 Ways COVID-19 May Change the Trucking Industry in the Long Haul

The past few months of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic mean some changes – possibly for the better – will remain in trucking long after the virus is no longer viewed as a threat. HDT Editor in Chief Deborah Lockridge shares takeaways from a recent webinar.