Trucker Path is now offering an electronic logging device. The device is free and uses a monthly subscription for logging services.

The device connects with an app to track hours of service and enable truckers to share duty status reports to simplify roadside inspections. It automatically tracks hours of service and compiles data on miles run in a state. This provides a more accurate, efficient method of logging service hours and duty status, according to Trucker Path.

"Hundreds of thousands of truckers already use our app to find truck stops, truck parking, weigh stations, fuel, rest areas, truck washes and more," said Sam Bokher, business operations director at Trucker Path. "The Trucker Path ELD gives truckers an easy way to track hours of service and comply with the ELD mandate. In addition, we plan to integrate ELD information into the Trucker Path app to make it easier for truckers to find truck parking."

The Trucker Path community is used monthly by over 600,000 truckers and the mobile app provides drivers with real-time location-specific updates on parking availability, weigh stations and truck stops.

The makers of Trucker Path also offer Truckloads, a marketplace app that connects carriers with quality freight. Given the company's comprehensive focus on truckers, developing an ELD device and app was a logical step. 

"Our focus is on giving truckers the tools they need to operate more efficiently," said Bokher. "Our navigational assistance and freight-matching services help truckers stay profitable and productive on the road, and we're committed to continuously improving the services we provide and developing new products to meet the trucker community's emerging needs."