Meritor made a series of announcements at Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week in Las Vegas, including launching an aftermarket air spring line, expanding king pin kit offerings, and providing a corrosion-resistant coating on hydraulic brake rotors.

Meritor air springs are engineered for higher load-carrying capacities. Photos: Meritor

Meritor air springs are engineered for higher load-carrying capacities. Photos: Meritor

Meritor said its newly launched Meritor-branded air springs cover a wide range of commercial vehicle applications.  The air springs are engineered for higher load-carrying capacities and to deliver improved road handling and more protection to cargo from shocks and vibrations. Drivers will also benefit from less bounce and a cushioned, smoother ride.

The comprehensive portfolio includes triple and double convoluted, reversible, and cab-mount air springs covering 85% of applications. Meritor will provide one-year/100,000-mile warranty coverage on the air springs.

“Meritor air springs are built to exacting Meritor quality and reliability specifications at a competitive price point as we continue to focus on enhancing our service to customers by delivering comprehensive aftermarket solutions,” said Krishna Natarajan, senior director, steering, suspension, and drivetrain for Meritor. “The springs are made with robust and exceptional corrosion-resistant components to significantly reduce downtime and maintenance costs.”

Meritor has expanded  available king pin kits through its Genuine and Mach product lines.

Meritor has expanded  available king pin kits through its Genuine and Mach product lines.

Meritor expanded its king pin kits line to include new offerings in its Meritor Genuine and Mach product lines. The additional kits round out the overall portfolio, meeting multiple price point requirements while covering 95% of the market for ream and no-ream applications.

“This expansion allows us to offer king pin kits for virtually every commercial vehicle on the road,” said Natarajan. “With products from our Meritor Genuine brand through our Mach value line, end-users can be assured of getting the right part at the right price for their specific replacement need.”  

Platinum Protect seals the rotor and protects the antilock braking tone ring teeth from corrosive buildup.

Platinum Protect seals the rotor and protects the antilock braking tone ring teeth from corrosive buildup.

The company also announced that its aftermarket hydraulic brake rotors for medium-duty vehicles come with Platinum Protect coating, offering resistance to oxidation and corrosion with warranty coverage extended from one year/100,000 miles to two years/200,000 miles.

Platinum Protect seals the rotor and protects the antilock braking tone ring teeth from corrosive buildup to maintain precise interaction between the tone ring and the ABS sensors. The coating also seals the rotor, including inside the cooling veins, to prevent corrosion and metal fatigue. Safeguarding against corrosion in the cooling veins can reduce prolonged heat buildup that contributes to pad wear and shortened service life.

“With Platinum Protect coating and longer warranty coverage on rotors, fleets with school buses, emergency vehicles, delivery trucks and a variety of other applications will reduce maintenance costs and downtime,” said Jay Urban, senior manager, disc brakes for Meritor. “The rust-resistant coating protects all aspects of the rotor surface, contributing to proper function of the braking system that will help to extend brake life.”

Meritor also gave a series of short updates to its various products and systems at HDAW: Enhanced to Offer a More Comprehensive Product-Information Hub 

Meritor’s dedicated driveline website,, has been expanded to offer customers more comprehensive aftermarket driveline information, including the new “Best Line. Bottom Line” driveline interactive product comparison.

Site enhancements include:

  • Interactive PDF highlighting Meritor drivelines versus competitive offerings and Driveshaft on Demand program.
  • Addition of a complete section on Meritor center bearings, including design characteristics, performance advantages and cross-reference details
  • A full section dedicated to Meritor aftermarket replacement driveline components focusing on popular replacement parts, competitive cross references, specification details as well as features and benefits overviews

Meritor Genuine Automatic Slack Adjuster Enhanced to Improve Durability, Performance

Meritor Genuine automatic slack adjusters (ASA) have been enhanced with a vibratory finish to the worm and worm gear as well as optimization of the main gear geometry, offering improved durability and performance. 

The new vibratory surface finish treatment reduces friction between the gears, optimizing overall ASA operation. Improved main gear geometry increases robustness and gear-to-gear contact, which reduces the risks of incomplete adjustment.

Second-Generation Meritor Wheel Bearing Adjustment System Tool Offers Faster Turnaround, Less Downtime 

Enhancements to Doctor Preload tool are designed to help technicians set bearings to more consistent, optimal settings even faster.  Through its relationship with Temper Axle, Meritor offers the Doctor Preload tool for a consistent wheel end assembly procedure that eliminates endplay and helps to set the wheel end to an optimal light preload.

Temper Axle’s 900 Series, second-generation Doctor Preload tool has new load arms that fit recent versions of wheel-end hubs. A circular keyfinder helps technicians more easily mount the tool onto the spindle and quickly align the Temper-Loc spindle nut once a final bearing setting is dialed in.  

The new release also has a nut turner on the industry-standard R drive axle Doctor Preload bearing adjustment tool. With this special feature, technicians keep their hands outside the recesses of the wheel-end hub when adjusting the Temper-Loc nut against the bearing face, allowing a more accurate setting to be held in place.  By properly setting preload and eliminating endplay, Doctor Preload can help vehicle operators reduce costs for maintenance and replacement parts. The tool can help increase tire mileage by reducing uneven tire wear. It helps improve spindle and bearing life through more even distribution of weight as well as wheel seal life by correctly setting the bearing to reduce wear and tear. Using the tool also decreases ABS faults. 

Sleeve Nuts Line Added to Meritor and Euclid Wheel-End Offerings 

Meritor has added of a line of sleeve nuts to its Meritor and Euclid wheel-end portfolios. The sleeved nuts are a substitute for a two-piece flange nut and are designed for select steer, drive and trailer axle applications in Class 7 and 8 vehicles.

Available in four different lengths – 6 mm, 19 mm, 28 mm and 39 mm – the sleeve nuts offer numerous benefits:

  • Minimize the clearance between the wheel stud and wheel bolt hole
  • Protect threads by safeguarding from elements and wear
  • Engage both dual wheels SAE-J1965 compliant PTFE coated