MAC Liquid Tank Trailers has developed an auxiliary lighting system for gasoline trailers intended to improve safety during nighttime filling station deliveries. The Total Area Lighting Kit (TALK) provides bright white LED light strips above the discharge tube area and on the steps of the ladder to help drivers better see what they are doing in darkness.

The TALK system also includes two 8-foot-long light bars that swing out from stowed mounting positions along the body of the trailer. These have red LED on the front and back to provide a very obvious work-zone barrier to help keep cars from wandering into the area while the driver is unloading. White LED strips along the bottom of the bars light up the work area. There are strobe lights on the tips of the bars to provide additional awareness of the driver's work area.

MAC LTT President Jim Marion said the idea came from customers who were looking for solutions keep their drivers safe while they are unloading. "We had heard stories of drivers getting mugged and backed into while they were unloading at night," he explained. "We wanted to provide a way to make that work environment safer and better lit so drivers can better see what they are doing."

Because the TALK system uses only LED, the current draw will be minimal and won't compromise healthy batteries during the unloading process.

The TALK system is available on new trailers from MAC and Marion says it will also be available retrofit through the aftermarket.