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Trailer Orders to Slow Down as Expected as Summer Rolls on

June trailer orders are expected to fall for the sixth month in a row as the equipment sector enters the traditionally slow summer months, according to a preliminary report from FTR.

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Well Thought-Out Details on U-Haul’s Trailers

Senior Contributing Editor Tom Berg finds that U-Haul trailers are heavy but strong, and are also easy to use.

Strick Adds QR Codes to Trailer VIN Tags for Faster Service

Strick Trailers has added InfoScan QR codes to all new trailer vin tags in order to help speed service times for customers.

Strick's DuoPlug Protects Trailer Upper Coupler Assembly

Strick Trailers has announced the launch of the DuoPlug, a device that keeps debris out of the internal cavities of the upper coupler assembly while allowing moisture to escape.

Taylor Swift’s Show Arrives Aboard 82 Semis

Big screens, monster speakers, structural steel members were among the items carried by big rigs to pop star Taylor Swift's Ohio stadium show. Tom Berg has more in the Trailer Talk blog.

Spireon's FleetLocate Cargo Sensor Visualizes Cargo Loads

Spireon introduced a new FleetLocate Cargo Sensor with IntelliScan sensing technology, providing accuracy in visualizing cargo load status.

HDT's 2018 Trailer Update

There is no dearth of trailer makers in North America. Some trailer makers succeed with volume-driven pricing, others turn out specialized and customized models. Either way making trailers is about knowing what your customers want. Here is our annual update of product developments from major trailer makers.

The Lowly Fifth Wheel Receives a Technology Boost

Even the fifth wheel, the most basic of trucking components, is finally getting a technological update to make them safer and easier to use.

Cooper Expands RM272 Tire Line Offering

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company has added new sizes to its Roadmaster RM272 tire line, engineered to withstand the drop deck and spread axle trailers operations.

Solar Panels on Trailers Could be a Good Idea

They don't save much fuel, but extend battery life for tractors and keep trailer lift gates ready to use.