The Stoughton Trailers Auto Connect system allows drivers to connect tTrailer lines from inside the cab with the push of a button. - Photo: Stoughton Trailers

The Stoughton Trailers Auto Connect system allows drivers to connect tTrailer lines from inside the cab with the push of a button.

Photo: Stoughton Trailers

Stoughton Trailers has announced that its dry van trailers are now exclusively compatible with Electrans Technologies Auto Connect system. Auto Connect automatically connects truck and trailer air, seven--way electrical and communication lines. In a press release, Stoughton noted tha the system performs this task in seven seconds. As the industry moves to adopt increased levels of technology on the path to autonomous vehicle operation, Stoughton Trailers said it has anticipated the need for more automatic trailer coupling systems.

As a result, its dry van trailers are now compatible with Auto Connect.

Connect Trailer Lines with the Push of a Button

Electrans Technologies developed the patent-pending Auto Connect system, which is also compatible with Tico terminal tractors. The system automatically connects air, seven-way electrical and communication lines from the tractor to Stoughton dry van trailers.

With Auto Connect, drivers no longer need to step out of the truck to connect trailer lines. With a push of a button in the cab, Auto Connect couples the pneumatic airlines, electrical lines and the CAN bus or other communication wiring required to operate a wide variety of sensors and cameras. In just seven seconds, Stoughton said, all lines are securely connected and fully operational with signals flowing freely in both directions through the Auto Connect system.

An upgraded, patent-pending coupler on Stoughton dry van trailers is designed to accommodate the new Auto Connect system. A slot on the front bolster is specifically designed to house the Auto Connect receiver and protect the receiver from damage. It comes complete with two airline fittings and an electrical harness to allow for easy connection.

“Imagine a driver simply backing up, pushing a button within the cab and seven seconds later driving away with the trailer,” said Jeremy Sanders, chief commercial officer for Stoughton. “This is not the distant future. It’s here now. We wanted to ensure our fleet customers are ready to adopt this technology as the industry moves to gain efficiency, improve safety and pursue autonomous operation.”

The Electrans’ receiver can be installed, connected and ready for use in as little as an hour on new trailers with the optional Auto Connect coupler. Stoughton dry van trailers outfitted for this feature will be backwards compatible, allowing trucks and trailers to be coupled with legacy connections or the new Auto Connect feature. Being backwards compatible provides fleets with the flexibility to efficiently manage their truck and trailer equipment as they adapt to this new technology.

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