VeeBoards stackable corner protectors are designed to evenly distribute the mechanical force exerted by load securement straps and other tie-downs to protect cargo.

The corner protectors also help maintain the structural integrity of stacked cargo, inhibiting payload travel and sliding due to dynamic forces acting on the load, pushing it up, down, forward, backward and side-to-side.

The stackable version allows the strap guide channels on each corner protector to nest securely on top of the next one to allow users to store the devices in a low-profile unit when not in use.  The stacks take up less space and are easier to secure and store than freestanding corner protectors.

The stackable design is now standard on all VeeBoards, VeeBoards2GO and BrickGuards Brand corner protectors.

VeeBoards corner protectors are made of a high-density, virgin polyethylene blend to help make the products lightweight and more flexible. They are also able to resist the effects of heat, cold, road chemicals, UV rays and mechanical fatigue, according to the company.