J.J. Keller & Associates has introduced a new video-based training device called the Video Training Book, allowing employees to study and work on training in the field.

The Video Training Book is a book-shaped device with a video screen loaded with training topics for transportation company workers. The device has buttons for navigation through the training sessions and comes with earbuds, an A/C adapter for charging as well as paper employee handbooks, quizzes and answer sheets on the material.

It can fulfill the need for many types of training, including orientation, refresher, in-the-moment, post-incident and other situations. The Video Training Book is portable and works without a need for an internet connection for better flexibility to train in the field.

A dozen required training topics are currently available in the format, including alcohol and drug testing, bloodborne pathogens, forklifts, HazCom, lockout/tagout, hours of service, hazmat transportation and confined spaces.

“The Video Training Book can be used anywhere, whenever it’s convenient,” said Paul Paulick, senior mobile technology specialist at J.J. Keller. “This format is portable and doesn’t require an internet connection, so it’s ideal for training new, remote, mobile and contract employees wherever they are located.”