Polar Tank Trailer's new myLift automatic lift axle control system automatically deploys and lifts up to two axles by reading pressure in the fixed-axle air suspension, with no input from the driver and no connection to switches in the cab of the truck. Once the trailer is unloaded, the axles return to the lifted position.

"We designed myLift to provide extended wheel end component life and reduce tire wear," said Polar chief engineer Peter Weis. "Automating the process ensures maximum savings through even load distribution, as well as reduced costs in toll situations."

MyLift features a sealed stainless steel enclosure to prevent corrosion. Its external, easy-access override switch provides manual lift axle control, and a fail-safe ensures the axles lowers when power is removed.

The system is compatible with all ECU brands and all suspension manufacturer under-beam lift systems. It features the highest net solenoid shifting forces on the market, according to Polar, along with plug-and-play installation with various wiring harness manufacturers.