The Peterbilt Model 220 has a new optional clear frame rail package that provides up to 10 inches of additional frame rail space over the previous clear frame rail package. 

The new configuration also allows for a 40% larger diesel exhaust fluid tank, better visibility through the rear window and easier serviceability.

“This new option is ideal for customers in applications such as beverage delivery, street sweeping and striping, and refuse collection and packing,” said Robert Woodall, director of sales and marketing at Peterbilt. “The clear frame rail package optimizes chassis space to help accommodate installation of a wider range of work bodies.”

The medium duty Model 220 was introduced in March. The truck features better maneuverability and improved braking with a standard electronic braking system.

“The Model 220 is compact and nimble making it ideal for applications that require high maneuverability and finesse,” said Woodall. “This is a great truck for getting into tight spots, getting the work done and then getting back out and onto the next job.”

The cabover truck features a redesigned interior that was engineered with better safety, productivity and comfort than previous models.