Philips Industries is now offering a liftgate dual pole installation and conversion kit to help fleets that are seeing an increasing need to have a ground return system versus a chassis ground system for the supplemental power requirements of liftgates.

The kit is complete with everything required for a liftgate dual pole installation or conversion from a single pole set-up. The kit includes a dual pole socket, battery cables, shrink tubing and all other parts necessary to complete the job.

Phillips says because single-pole systems are grounded through the fifth wheel and kingpin, when the kingpin ground is interrupted, the eight-gauge wire can become overloaded, leaving no lights or ABS on the trailer.  

A dual-pole cable solves this because it has a dedicated positive and ground line, which provides extra reliability to the connection, ensuring that the charge to the liftgate batteries is continuous.

The kit can be ordered from Phillips distributors with the part number 15-327 or 15-327-150 with 150-amp circuit breaker included.