Cargomatic has launched its service in Southern California, which it described as a ride-sharing app for local trucking companies and shippers.

The company said its technology platform connects local shippers with nearby small trucking firms with an initial coverage area extending from Southern California's Santa Barbara County south to San Diego and east to San Bernardino County. Plans are in the works to roll out the service in other areas in coming months.

In a press release, Cargomatic CEO Jonathan Kessler said the service brings "the sharing economy to business-to-business logistics" by aggregating these small businesses under one platform, which the company said will bring efficiencies to the market. "It's a completely underserved market that we are now ready to serve," Kessler said.

The service brings together small business owners looking for reliable carriers with trucks on the road with available space. The service's desktop and mobile apps allow shippers to access a trucking firm's available capacity at no cost to the trucker, the company said. It has been holding free training seminars for owner-operators and small carriers to help drivers understand the technology.