Robert Bosch has introduced 40 new part numbers to expand its braking, engine management sensor and Long Haul (HD) Starter lines.

Brake Pads

Twenty-one new brake pad numbers have been added to the Bosch QuietCast and Bosch Blue Disc Brake Pad lines. Seven of these new additions are for premium grade Bosch QuietCast brake pads.

Overall, these additions expand the availability of Bosch braking components for late-model Domestic and Asian applications by 1.3 million units in operation.

While all new QuietCast SKUs come with hardware kits, the Bosch Blue sets are offered both with and without hardware kits. For example, the Bosch Blue Disc Brake Pad set with and without hardware is available for 2012-2013 Dodge Grand Caravan. The Bosch QuietCast kit for the same vehicle is only available with hardware.

Engine Management Sensors

Bosch supplies a range of engine management sensors to OEMs and the aftermarket. The Bosch engine management sensor portfolio includes a range of pressure, temperature, camshaft, crankshaft and knock sensors to support the proper functioning of the modern vehicle.

Featuring high accuracy in measurement and response times, these sensors precisely measure a variety of parameters to keep the engine functioning as efficiently as possible.

The 16 new sensor part numbers from the Bosch Engine Management group extend Bosch coverage by 1.4 million late model Domestic and European vehicles in operation. These are true, direct-fit sensors for applications ranging from Ford Fusion to Cadillac STS, and from Fiat 500 to Porsche Cayman.

Long Haul Starters

The Bosch Rotating Machines group has released three new Long Haul Starters that replace 186 competitive part numbers. Diesel engines are usually high compression engines that require a greater amount of torque and power to turn over. Bosch has designed a shock-absorbing planetary gear system that helps generate more torque for faster starts.

This system resists kick back that prevents drive end breakage, a common problem on competitors’ designs. The three new Long Haul Starters are designed for Freightliner, Navistar, Sterling, Peterbilt, Volvo, Mack and other applications.