LOUISVILLE – BetterTrucker.com, an online marketplace for truckers and trucking companies, introduced what it calls the “next-generation” semi-trailer side skirt at the Mid-America Trucking Show last week.

It says The Super-Skirt has four new technologies never seen before in the trailer skirt industry.

The first is its modular design; two feet wide panels interlock with each other for quick and easy installation, providing limitless possibilities for various trailer lengths.

The second is the elimination of cross-member braces under the trailer body, which it says is possible due to the built-in stanchion support structures that secures every panel onto the trailer i-beams with two galvanized J-bolts.

The third feature is its rigid dimensional shape, which disrupts airflow to maintain directional control of the air, reducing surface drag and preventing wind from slipping under the trailer.  

The fourth feature is the strategic placement of aft-facing safety reflectors out of the slipstream, that creates  additional visibility and safety for passing vehicles.

BetterTrucker.com claims the product has a “6% rating in less fuel consumption.” It is priced under  $1,000, which the company says makes the return on investment quicker than most other aerodynamic products on the market, possibly within 3 months.