Autocar now has a Class 6 ACMD. - Photo: Autocar

Autocar now has a Class 6 ACMD.

Photo: Autocar

After becoming known for its Class 7 and Class 8 vocational and refuse trucks, Autocar has expanded its ACMD cabover range with a new derivative for fleets that require a Class 6 medium-duty truck. 

Since 2012, Autocar's ACMD has served the refuse and road maintenance industries by offering trucks designed for both Class 7 medium-duty and Class 8 heavy-duty applications. The ACMD features a roomy cab, including an option for a three-person seat. Autocar said the truck’s maneuverability simplifies operating on routes with narrow streets and the ACMD showcases Autocar's toughness in the medium-duty truck market.

Class 6 Trucks

Autocar said the new Class 6 ACMD enhances fleet flexibility in hiring drivers who may not have a commercial driver's license. The Class 6 truck’s 26,000-pound GVWR may eliminate the need for a CDL-authorized driver, potentially broadening the pool of drivers for fleet managers and operators.

Andrew Taitz, chairman of Autocar, said he envisions the Class 6 ACMD as a game-changer for medium-duty users.

“A decade ago, when the ACMD was introduced, we were responding to our customers' need for a smaller configuration with better maneuverability. We delivered that with the Class 7 and Class 8 ACMD options.

"Now our customers are telling us that hiring drivers is becoming increasingly difficult, so we’re answering that call with the Class 6 ACMD by eliminating the need for a CDL and offering more flexibility in hiring.” 

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Class 6 Engineering

Autocar said the Class 6 ACMD chassis is pre-engineered for integrity and durability.

The ACMD’s wiring is also never spliced and always set away from the chassis, preventing the build-up of grime on the chassis and ensuring the body companies don’t have to drill additional guide ports. The company also said the electrical connections are watertight and feature anti-siphoning soldering, while vibrationless constant torque clamps prevent cable wear.

Autocar said its entire ACMD lineup offers steel cabovers for excellent safety and situational awareness for drivers, with its unique rear side windows allowing for better traffic cross-checking and operator confidence when navigating busy tight routes. 

Engine Options

The new Class 6 truck offers all the engine options available on Class 7 and Class 8 ACMDs. Customers can choose from 13 Cummins engines options, from the 200-hp B6.7 right up to a 360-hp L9, driving through a choice of Allison 2500RDS, 3000RDS, or 3500RDS transmissions.

Autocar’s class 6 ACMD rides on a Dana E-1202W 9,000-pound rated front axle and a 17,000-pound weight-rated Meritor MS-17-14X axle at the rear.

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