Hino Trucks will be the first global OEM to integrate Allison's new eGen Power 100s axle in a...

Hino Trucks will be the first global OEM to integrate Allison's new eGen Power 100s axle in a battery-electric truck.

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Allison Transmission is expanding its portfolio of electric propulsion systems, introducing a single-motor version of its eGen Power e-Axles, which will first appear in Hino battery-electric trucks. The company made the announcement at ACT Expo in Long Beach, California.

“We believe there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to electrification, and a variety of products are needed to address the wide range of applications and market segments Allison serves,” said John Coll, senior vice president of marketing, sales and service. “Thus we are currently and will continue to expand our family of electric axles.”

Allison first launched its eGen Power 100D in 2020 and has since spent time validating and refining the e-Axle with most of the major OEMs in North America. This e-Axle features two electric motors, each capable of generating greater than 200 kilowatts of continuous power, with peak combined power of 648 kilowatts.

The eGen Power 100D also integrates a two-speed gearbox within the central housing, enabling the high torque required to get heavy loads moving, while also offering the benefit of superior efficiency at cruise speed. The eGen Power 100D is capable of supporting up to 23,000-pound gross axle weight rating and also includes differential lock functionality.

New Single-Motor E-Axle

Allison announced the first single-motor variant in its eGen Power series of e-Axles, the eGen Power 100S. This expands the eGen Power market to include school bus, medium-duty, and heavy duty tractor and straight truck 6x2 and 6x4 applications, including refuse.

Leveraging core components from the eGen Power 100D, such as the motor, inverter and shifting mechanism, the 100S offers exceptional performance characteristics in both 4x2 and 6x4 configurations, according to Allison.

Allison introduced the single-motor eGen Power 100s electric axles.

Allison introduced the single-motor eGen Power 100s electric axles.

Photo: Allison

The 100S uses a single motor to generate 212 kW of continuous power, with a peak power of 324 kW, and 23,500 newton meters of torque (more than 17,300 lb-ft) at the wheels. The 100S offers a 23,000-pound gross axle weight rating and features a two-speed parallel axis gear architecture, efficiently meeting application launch and highway cruise demands, while maximizing energy recovery through 100% regenerative braking capability.

Like the dual motor e-Axles, the 100S is a platform architecture upon which further variants will be developed. It’s simple to install and easily integrates into existing truck chassis, according to Allison.

E-Axles for Hino Battery-Electric Trucks

Hino will be the first global OEM to integrate the new eGen Power 100s e-Axles, Allison announced.

Allison will be Hino’s e-Axle development partner for Class 6, 7 and 8 battery-electric trucks. The two companies signed the framework behind a comprehensive strategic joint collaboration agreement that builds on the long-standing partnership Allison and Hino share in the conventional transmission space.

Hino will integrate Allison’s eGen Power 100D e-Axle into its vehicles as the two companies collaborate to create a differentiated product for end users, with start of low-volume production intended in early 2023.

Dual-Motor Option for Higher GAWR Ratings

Allison also has expanded its dual-motor offerings with the eGen Power 130D, a variant of the 100D designed for the European and Asia Pacific markets, where many commercial vehicles require a heavier 13-tonne (28,660 pounds) gross axle weight rating.

The eGen Power 130D maintains the same core components and performance as the eGen Power 100D, including the power ratings previously mentioned for the 100D, but with increased axle weight rating capability.

More About Allison eGen Axles

Both the single- and dual-motor axles integrate with a multi-speed transmission, eliminating the need for additional driveshafts and support structures.

With each motor capable of delivering continuous power of 28 hp (212 kW) and peak output power of 434 hp (324 kW), Allison said, the eGen Power 100S, 100D and 130D are among the most power-dense propulsion solutions in their classes.

In addition, the company said, eGen Power e-Axles are designed to be 100% maintenance-free for the life of the vehicle.

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