Artificial intelligence has numerous applications in trucking.

Artificial intelligence has numerous applications in trucking.

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In our May 2020 issue, we shared five ways artificial intelligence can help trucking. Here are additional insights for those who want a deeper dive into AI and machine learning as they apply to the trucking industry.

From the May issue: 5 Ways AI Can Help Trucking

What is artificial intelligence, and how can you use it in your fleet?

Q&A: How Schneider is Using Artificial Intelligence

Schneider has been racking up the honors for its use of artificial intelligence, so we talked to Brian Stuelpner, Schneider vice president of strategy, planning and architecture, to learn more about AI and how the megafleet is using it in its everyday operations.

What Artificial Intelligence is Good at – And What it's Not

Artificial intelligence is not magic or some kind of panacea. There are some tasks that artificial intelligence is really good at – and some that it’s not. And that has implications for the use of AI in trucking, from chatbots to autonomous trucks.

Predictive Maintenance Shifts Into High Gear

From our April issue: New ‘smart’ components, combined with machine learning technology, finally deliver on the promise of predictive maintenance.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Solve Real-World Trucking and Logistics Challenges

If the words “artificial intelligence” conjure up an image of Skynet in the Terminator movies, it’s time to think again. There are real-world transportation companies using AI to do their work better, faster, and more effectively – and they could be your competition.

HDT Talks Trucking Podcast: Self-driving Trucks: Savior or Scourge for Trucking?

Richard Bishop, AI industry analyst and intelligent vehicle applications specialist, spoke with Jim Park about autonomous trucks for an episode of the HDT Talks Trucking podcast.

Can Video Telematics Get Smarter?

When you add artificial intelligence and machine learning to the video telematics equation, the answer to whether video telematics can get "smarter" is “yes.”

Artificial Intelligence: A Glossary of Terms

The History of Artificial Intelligence (external link)

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