AJR Trucking has seen positive results from the installation of SmartDrive in its fleet.

AJR Trucking has seen positive results from the installation of SmartDrive in its fleet.

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AJR Trucking, a U.S. Postal Service contractor for more than 30 years, has employed the SmartDrive video-based safety program across its fleet. Within one year of implementation, the company has seen a 64% improvement in its CSA Unsafe Driving Score and a 48% reduction in its Crash Indicator BASIC. As a result of implementing the SmartDrive program, several AJR drivers involved in collisions that were not their fault were exonerated, allowing the company to subrogate damages and losses.

“Since mail is federal property and carries particular security concerns, safety is of the utmost importance,” said Jorge Garcia, senior safety manager for AJR Trucking. “SmartDrive provided safety transparency to our fleet, bringing awareness to how many good drivers we have, and also opening our eyes to risk.”

The company initially sought to adopt a video-based safety platform as a way to further enhance its existing safety program, recognizing the value of advanced technology and analytics. AJR’s leadership elected to implement both road and cab-facing cameras for enhanced visibility to risk. The dual-camera configuration — with automatic video offload, fully managed services, risk scoring, and integrated coaching — is designed for fleets that want to protect every driver by identifying risk. With the context that only video can provide, coupled with proactive coaching, fleets can reduce collision frequency, improve safety and reinforce good driving skills.

Garcia and his team took a proactive approach to rollout communication, stressing the benefits of video-based safety as a tool for exoneration and constructive coaching. By allowing drivers to become familiar and comfortable with the technology before coaching started, drivers were receptive once coaching conversations began. Today, an introduction to the SmartDrive system is an important element of new hire orientation, serving as a platform for fleet managers to reiterate their commitment to drivers and their safety.

Established in 1984, AJR Trucking is a three-time recipient of the USPS Eagle Spirit Award for Outstanding Management of Time Sensitive Transportation. 

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