Telematics provider Verizon Connect analyzed fleet driving behavior in the safest and most...

Telematics provider Verizon Connect analyzed fleet driving behavior in the safest and most dangerous states.

Graphic courtesy of Verizon Connect.

Fleet drivers in North Dakota with Verizon Connect telematics systems showed the safest driving behavior over a two-year period, while those in Utah were the most dangerous, according to aggregated data from the telematics provider.

Other top states for safe fleet drivers included Maine, Nebraska, Vermont, and Wyoming. The top 10 was rounded out by South Dakota, Idaho, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, and Michigan. Other states with the most dangerous drivers included Georgia, California, Alabama, Texas, Arizona, Mississippi, Tennessee, Montana, and New York, according to Verizon Connect.

The telematics provider has also ranked the safest and most dangerous states by including fatality data. Rhode Island ranks as the safest state on this list followed by Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, New Hampshire, Washington, and Virginia. Montana tops the list of the most dangerous driving states followed by Wyoming, South Dakota, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Dakota, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma.

Lastly, the company ranked the top three states with the most and least speeding events. Vermont, Virginia, and Connecticut had the least events, while South Dakota, North Dakota, and Montana had the most.

Verizon analyzed reports of unsafe driving behavior including speeding, hard braking, fast acceleration, and harsh cornering from 6,215 Verizon Connect vehicles from small and medium business customers from October of 2015 to September of 2017. The company correlated its own findings with data from reports of fatalities per vehicle miles traveled, average speeding events per day, and average speeding events per mile.

View an infographic from Verizon Connect.

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