Fontaine Fifth Wheel’s 6NWB is a steel fifth wheel assembly that features a lightweight 6000 No-Slack top plate mounted to the Fontaine NWB sliding bracket.

Fontaine says that the 6NWB fifth wheel is about 60 pounds lighter than comparable models. The Fontaine No-Slack technology is designed to allow the lock to automatically self-adjust to trailer kingpin variances for a smoother ride, lower maintenance costs, and longer component life.

The 6NWB is rated at 50,000 pounds vertical load with a drawbar pull rating of 150,000 pounds.

“We’re really proud of the engineering team that made this happen,” said Mike Randolph, vice president of sales and marketing for North America. “Using Finite Element Analysis technology and strategic placement of high strength alloy steel, they accomplished this goal without sacrificing an ounce of performance, durability or load rating.”