Marangoni Tread North America has announced the addition of the Ringtread RTL SA 16/32” to its line of XP Extreme Performance line of Splice-Less retreads.

The RTL SA includes a combination of Marangoni’s Ringtread technology and compound that increases mileage and reduces premature wear when used in spread-axle or multi-axle trailer applications.

Tires on a spread-axle or multi-axle trailer are subject to premature wear when cornering due to tires dragging which causes lateral stress, shoulder twist, scrap, scrub, chipping, and tearing, according to Marangoni. The RTL was designed and engineered to protect the tread and casing from this kind of use.

The Ringtread XP Extreme Performance line also includes the following drive treads: Extreme Fuel Saving RDA-E 25/32” SmartWay verified, Extreme Traction RDG100 26/32”, Extreme Mileage RDG200 27/32”, Wide Base RDAone 23/32” SmartWay verified, and Severe Service RDY-HM+ 30/32”.

Marangoni Tread North America is a full-service supplier, distributing its retread products Ringtread and Unitread through a network of licensed independent tire dealers and retreaders throughout the United States and Canada.