Hendrickson Commercial Vehicle Systems has announced the availability of a 48,000-pound tandem front air suspension and axle system and a 60,000-pound capacity tandem rear air suspension for the Terex T 110 Truck Crane.

The new front suspension and axle system is designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of the truck crane market. The system includes the Steertek NXT fabricated axle, designed to achieve durability, rigid strength, and weight efficiency when compared with traditional axles.   Steertek NXT’s box-shaped cross section resists horizontal, vertical, and twisting forces while providing significant weight savings.

The air suspension is designed to improve vehicle handling while using high volume air springs that can increase driver comfort and equipment protection. This suspension and axle combination saves hundreds of pounds as compared to current industry solutions, according to Hendrickson.

Hendrickson’s new rear air suspension reaches capacities of 30,000 pounds per axle with overall weight savings of up to 300 pounds compared to typical suspensions. This suspension features Hendrickson’s leaf spring technology in conjunction with air springs and shocks to achieve a tuned suspension system for improved roll stiffness and comfortable ride characteristics. 

The system is designed to provide predictable handling when performing maneuvers. The suspension design also allows for lower maintenance with the elimination of the transverse torque rod and a Quik-Align feature for easier alignment.

“We identified an opportunity for a purpose built air suspension and axle system that saves weight and improves the performance, addressing the unique needs of the crane market,” said Gerry Remus, business unit director for Hendrickson Truck Commercial Vehicle Systems. “Delivering improved ride quality and driver handling are a direct result of listening closely to customer needs while applying the ride and handling expertise that Hendrickson is known for in the industry.”