Purkeys has developed the Dual Shield designed to simplify adding additional electrical devices to heavy-duty vehicles and protect the source that powers them.

The Dual Shield provides a single source with multiple protected ports for electrical devices. It gives the vehicle two levels of protection to help counteract parasitic loads from electrical systems like a low voltage disconnect and a timed disconnect.

Other Purkeys products, such as the DC to AC 1500 Watt Power Inverter, have LVDs that protect the vehicle from parasitic loads by shutting off the device when a set voltage is reached. This keeps batteries from becoming too discharged to start the vehicle. In addition to the LVD, the Dual Shield has a timed disconnect that will shut off running devices within an hour after the ignition is turned off.

The Dual Shield has LEDs that can show drivers when there is power running through the system or when devices have been shut off.

This electrical accessory simplifies adding necessary electrical devices to heavy-duty vehicles by providing a centralized, protected location for technicians to connect these supplementary devices. The Dual Shield safety features can stop vehicle batteries from becoming severely discharged, thus keeping them in better condition.