Fleet analytics solutions company Vnomics has released its Vnomics True Fuel solution, designed to improve fuel economy through real-time driver coaching and precise fuel-use analytics.

Vnomics True Fuel monitors each vehicle’s actual fuel storage in real-time and compares it to the maximum achievable fuel economy for that vehicle under its current operating conditions. To accurately identify the actual and potential fuel usage of each truck and driver, the system takes into account the impact of vehicle make, model and age, terrain and load size.

The solution gives drivers audio alerts for improper shifting, speeding and idling to signal when a driver is not optimizing fuel consumption. This allows a driver to take action in real time to improve fuel efficiency.

Through True Fuel, drivers are also provided with a scorecard detailing the fuel loss factors they can control, including shifting, efficiency, speeding and idle time. Fleet managers can use the solution’s web portal to access fuel use analytics and summary dashboards to gain insight into fuel usage and causes of wasted fuel for a fleet or for specific vehicles and drivers.

“True Fuel is the result of customer feedback and our commitment to the transportation industry to provide a driver coaching tool in a format that can be used by any fleet, regardless of its telematics platform,” said Alan Farnsworth, CEO at Vnomics.  “We’ve taken our current fuel optimization solution, which has already proven to provide a 3%-10% fleet wide fuel savings on several thousand vehicles, and packaged it as a stand-alone product that any fleet can quickly deploy and begin saving fuel immediately.”