Intermodal Data Hub is a cloud-based software platform designed to automate and simplify the chassis invoice billing process.

The platform is designed to simplify billing operations, improve efficiency and can boost chassis margins for carriers. It can also enhance data visibility and improve collaboration across the intermodal supply chain.

The Intermodal Data Hub was created in a joint venture between equipment provider and chassis pool manager Trac Intermodal and the founder of software provider Blocking and Tackling. The platform provides reconciliation of all intermodal equipment provider invoices against billing data imported from a carrier’s transportation management system.

Subscribers to the Intermodal Data Hub are presented with a dashboard view of their billing operations and overall profitability.

By quickly identifying the status of each invoice, the process can reduce the workload and complexity of standard billing. Intermodal Data Hub also identifies charges from the IEP that have not been invoiced or reconciled between carriers and IEPs.