Ken-Tool’s 34555 Shark Fin Dual Wheel Separation Bag is designed to remove stuck and corroded wheels and tires from truck and trailer axles.

The Shark Fin bag is a rubber-coated, nearly puncture proof Kevlar bag that uses air pressure to create 5,000 pounds of force to separate and remove stuck dual wheels from the axle studs and hubs. It's safe to use on steel, aluminum, or chrome wheels between 15 to 24.5 inches in rim diameters.

Stuck wheels are caused by corrosion that occurs between wheels, particularly aluminum, and steel studs and hubs. The Shark Fin bag is inserted vertically between the tires near the 11 and 2 o'clock positions with the tires off the ground and the lug nuts loosened.

Compressed air is added to the bag using an attached 3-foot inflation hose. The bag is rated at 150 psi and delivers 2.5 tons of expansion force at 87 psi, which breaks the corrosion. With proper support cribbing, the Shark Fin can also be used on steering axle wheels and inside dual wheels.

Deflated, the Shark Fin bag dimensions are 9.75-by-8-by-3/8-inches. When inflated, it expands to 5.5 inches. The inflation tube features a slotted cap for deflation. Each Shark Fin Dual Wheel Separation Bag is packaged in a clear poly bag, and weighs 1.3 pounds.