SKF has announced a new, easily installed spindle nut locking system for both tractors and trailers that provides a high degree of strength.

The components are forged, precision machined and then assembled with two high-strength lock bolts to withstand the adverse conditions experienced in heavy-duty applications.

The two-piece SKF spindle nut locking system includes a hardened internal tab lock washer and a forged precision-machined flange nut – a combination that meshes with precision-formed threads to provide increased strength.

The system, which is available in steering, drive and trailer sizes, is easy to install, requiring no special tools, according to the company. It also is designed to be easy to service, providing consistent wheel bearing adjustment accuracy to avoid the extremes of pre-load and excessive bearing end play.

“The new SKF spindle nut locking system not only is affordable, but it offers one of the strongest systems available,” said Kenyatta Matlock, business development manager of heavy duty, SKF.