Michelin has expanded its X One Multi Energy offering by adding in new sizes to the wide-base single trailer tire and retread lines.

The Michelin X One Multi Energy T is now available in the 455/55R22.5 size. It is made for regional operations and is EPA SmartWay verified. The X One family of tires is designed to reduce irregular wear and improve fuel economy while allowing fleets to carry more than 700-pounds of additional freight compared with dual applications.

The X One Multi Energy Pre-Mold retread line has been expanded with new 375/425 and 385/435 sizes. The retread is also SmartWay verified and features Advanced Technology Compounds for a 7% reduction in rolling resistance compared with the X One XTE. The retread also features microsipes, a solid shoulder to resist irregular wear and 15/32nds tread depth for improved removal mileage.

The Michelin X One Multi Energy T offerings will replace the existing Michelin X One XTE products.