Advantage PressurePro’s tire pressure monitoring system is now available in a TPMS+ version with more capabilities and a bright, easy-to-use display screen.   

The screen features a quick-glance alert notice and fully adjustable vehicle layouts, and allows users to customize their screens by prioritizing alerts and information displays, said Vanessa Hargrave, PressurePro’s chief operating officer and director of marketing.

The system can monitor up to 80 tires at once and store information on up to five pre-programmed units. It can monitor tires on any type of vehicle and easily switch the display between vehicles.

Pulse TPMS+ also retains PressurePro’s real-time monitoring, two low-pressure alerts, and alerts for high pressure high temperature. The new system also has CAN and RS232 capabilities, plus built-in data logging, integration and dumping. Data is stored on microSD cards.

It uses current sensors and will be able to employ future sensor designs.