Property Damage Appraisers are a national network of appraisers providing estimate services for trucks damaged through accidents.

PDA can arrange an estimate for truck drivers throughout the country to keep over-the-road vehicles moving, cutting down on time wasted at the scene of an accident.  PDA’s appraisers receive ongoing training in heavy equipment estimates through the company’s heavy equipment certification program.

“The PDA training and certification program was developed out of a need for a defined structure to accurately assess heavy equipment damage,” said Tom Slimak, chief business officer of PDA. “Through the program we have a consistent approach across our network of over 600 professional appraisers.”

PDA has an online tool which designed to efficiently assign the nearest appraiser to the scene of an accident. The process is fully supported by PDA’s customer support which integrates with the company’s Claims Management System.

The company also recently launched PDA Xpress, an appraisal tool for smartphones which some appraisals can be accomplished quickly to decrease cycle times to three hours or less, allowing adjusters to close claims more quickly.

If the damage is too extensive to be accomplished through PDA Xpress, the company will dispatch an experienced appraiser and turn an estimate around in five days or less for tractor trailers.

“We understand the importance of keeping truck drivers on the road,” said Slimak. “No matter where the equipment is located in the U.S. we’ll dispatch our nearest heavy equipment appraiser for fast and accurate service.”