The Watson & Chalin SL13K-1190 is an integrated suspension and axle assembly that features air disc brakes and a quick change ride height system. It is made for dump, mixer, refuse and heavy haul applications.

The suspension is lightweight and durable and the super short rail version offers more compact mounting design for tighter space requirements. It has a 13,200 pound capacity.

Air disc brakes are designed to be easier to change and adjust and offer better downhill performance, says W&C. New legislation requires trucks to be able to stop within certain distances and the air disc brakes on the SL13K-1190 were designed with these parameters in mind. 

“They hold up better in extreme conditions, maintain stability, improve performance at cooler temperatures, reduce break fade and draw identical power form left and right brakes,” said Keith Rhodes, director of North American sales and marketing at W&C.

The company intends to include 20K steerable and ridged suspension with air disc brakes as demand for the feature increases due to regulation. The brakes are available with an optional dust shield.